2019 augusztusától néhány új edzővel módosul Akadémiánk edzői csapata. Másodikként Popadic Misával, az U16A csapat edzőjével beszélgettünk.


What attracted you to the Sportiskola?

  • good and stable project to working with young players;
  • good organization and good working conditions;
  • possibility of good development of young players, team and basketball club – basketball academy;
  • possible individual advancement of several interesting players for the future, as well as the progress of the whole team
  • a new challenge in my coaching career.

Please describe your basketball career!

  • Played in Basketball club “Radnicki” Kovin 1977–1982;
  • Played in Basketball club “Mirijevo” in Belgrade 1982–1987;
  • Played in Basketball club “Radnicki” Kovin 1987–1989.

Where did your coaching career start and where did you go?

My coaching career is 27 years and started in Yugoslavia–Serbia 1992 and I was in Serbia until 2004. I left the basketball club “Red Star” Belgrade in 2004 and went to France. 2007–2014 I worked as a basketball coach to Libya, Africa. 2016–2019 I worked as a basketball coach to China.

Do you know something about your new group? Did you meet them? What will you focus on?

I started with individual training on July 10th and I met several players from the U16 team. Individual training is not mandatory for players, it is voluntary training. Trainings with the complete team begin in early August. Interesting work potential, good player character, high energy for training.

What kind of coach do you consider yourself? Is it the discipline, the strictness or through the sober sense which you want to work?

Discipline to work, respect to the relationship coach–player and player–coach, good and quality work, insisting on small details individually and in team, developing individual player skills…

What is your coaching confession?

Basketball is my life because I am not just a basketball coach to players  I am also a life coach and that is what basketball gave me.

Thank you!

Takács Eszter